{"status": 200, "name": "casa", "size": "1-10", "employee_count": 19276, "id": "casa_2", "founded": 2009, "industry": "information services", "naics": [{"naics_code": "5239", "sector": "finance and insurance", "sub_sector": "securities, commodity contracts, and other financial investments and related activities", "industry_group": "other financial investment activities", "naics_industry": null, "national_industry": null}], "sic": [{"sic_code": "62", "major_group": "security and commodity brokers, dealers, exchanges, and services", "industry_group": null, "industry_sector": null}], "location": {"name": "bedfordview, gauteng, south africa", "locality": "bedfordview", "region": "gauteng", "metro": null, "country": "south africa", "continent": "africa", "street_address": "54 van buuren road", "address_line_2": null, "postal_code": null, "geo": "-26.17,28.14"}, "linkedin_id": "853782", "linkedin_url": "linkedin.com/company/casa_2", "facebook_url": null, "twitter_url": null, "profiles": ["linkedin.com/company/casa_2", "linkedin.com/company/853782"], "website": "casawealth.org", "ticker": null, "type": "private", "summary": "casa is an industry leading association that can provide you with the edge you need to be an effective business owner with a substantial property portfolio and gives you the power to confidently manage your business and structures to enable you, the business owner, to later on become a member of our exclusive business and investment consortiums.", "tags": ["property portfolio & business and investment consortiums", "erty portfolio & business and investment consortiums"], "headline": null, "alternative_names": ["c.a.s.a.", "hogar", "owner ceo en nuno arcade gaming", "home - casa", "hotel bernini palace", "ninguno por ahora", "c.a.s.a", "ingegneria civile e ambientale", "operand assessoria", "aism\\adov"], "affiliated_profiles": [], "likelihood": 2}