TLDR: In current functionality, using filter_updated=job_change alone returns undesirable results when calling Retrieve API multiple times. It also does not allow timeframe filtering by a fixed timeframe. Please add an optional frame of reference parameter that changes the filter from last API call to "since a particular version" (time reference).
Use Case 1: There is a system failure during a batch update using filter_updated=job_change. Calling the record a 2nd time to capture the lost update results in a 404.
Use Case 2: Customer has 2 systems. System 1 calls the R API with filter_updated and gets a match (200), and the full record returns. When separate system 2 in a separate department then enriches the same record with filter_updated=job_change, it returns a 404 as System 1 already pulled the record, and thus the 2nd system does not get new information even though new information exists from their POV.
As a result, system 1 and system 2 are now not in sync.
Ideal State: add parameter: version=xx
This would be used in conjuction with filter_updated e.g. filter_updated=job_change&version=17.1
The above example would return match if a job change occured on or after 17.1 REGARDLESS of whether account or key called that record previously.
Effectively, it would cause filter_updated to use data release version number as the frame of reference rather than when customer or key last called it.
Created by Ben Yarbro
December 20, 2022