We have a field called job_last_updated. This field "Indicates the timestamp of the most recent source that agrees with this information".
However from discussions, I understand that this field might only be updated when a source detects a change in the given profile. This means that this source knew when the profile did not had a change, but as is, job_last_updated might not be updated.
What we want as customers, are two fields:
* the last time any profile was observed by a source, regardless of a change (so we know really how outdated information is)
* last_update - the last time a change was observed in a profile. This is useful as we as clients do not have to diff the profiles every time to detect a change. It's a bit of work to do this properly, but should be easier for you as you receive the updates?
EDIT: I just found https://peopledatalabs.canny.io/feature-requests/p/lastupdatedux-field-on-person It appears to be the same request for